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Screenshot of Sydney

Southern Star is the first Diamond Twister objective you have to do. The place to do this is Sydney, and the banks owner is Henry Stevens. This level is very simple, difficulty stars is one.

Overview Edit

The backgrounds color mostly is pink and purple. The header show the Central Bank and a security guard. During the level, there will be no obstacle or narrow. Every Golden tiles will only multiplies the score 2 times.

Introductions Edit

This is the introductions at the begining of the levels:

- Herny was charged with safeguarding the largest Amethyst ever seen, but he later denied ever receiving it... I'm sure it's in his office, but he lives, eats and sleeps there with, oh, some 50 sercurity guards, fancy a challenge? Watch out, you have to reach your objective before that fuse burns out.

Reward Edit

The reward of this levels is the Southern Star gem. 105 carats, deep purple Zambian Amethyst with 65 facets and invaluable.

Strategy Edit

There might be no strategy because this level is too easy, you can beat it in 2 minutes. Easily you just need to use a Burst or a Shatter on the Golden tiles.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only level that has blue words in their introductions.
  • This also the only level that has one difficulty star.
  • The introductions of this level is the longest.
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