Gem Explosives are the special gems that included the Burst, Shatter, Bomb and Cameo. They gems has special abillitys that can multiple gems.

Type of Gem ExplosivesEdit

  • Diamond

    A Shatter in actions.

    Burst: Appears when a 4-pieces formation is created. Eliminates an entire row when included in a formation.
  • Shatter: Appears when a Combo is created. Emliminates all similar pieces from the board.
  • Bomb: Appears after matching 3 combos. Eliminates all adjacent pieces when included in a formation.
  • Cameo: Appears when a 5-pieces formation is created. Switch with another piece to transform all similar pieces to that color.


They are the sounds when any of the Gem Explosives is created:

Gem Explosives Sounds
Burst Twister!
Shatter Cool!
Bomb Excellent!
Cameo Great!


You can fastly passes a levels with a Shatter used on a 3-or-4-times mutiplies Golden Tiles. The Shatter is also pretty good for used in Gem Collector challenge. Bomb and Burst are are good for using in Flip Mania. Cameo can transform all similar pieces to that color so it must be used carefully on the correct gems so you can earned more money. They Gem Explosives are good ideas to used it on Golden Tiles.


  • Forget Me Not is the only game mode that are not available any Gem Explosives.
    • Gem Explosives are not available for some few Puzzle levels too.
  • The Bomb is the only Gem Explosives that created during the combos.
  • The Cameo and the Shatter are the two Gem Explosives that don't have a certain score when eliminates.
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